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Club Meetings

Regular membership meetings are held at least 3 times a year, typically the months of October, January and April. Announcements are usually made to the general membership, indicating these meetings. Ten members (not on the Board of Directors) and at least three Club Officers constitute a quorum.

In October, the Annual meeting is held. During this meeting, the President, Treasurer, Activities Directors and Committee Chairpersons make special reports. This is also the meeting for elections.

The Board of Directors holds monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7 PM. Business of the club is handled during these meetings. Board of Directors meetings have the following requirements:

  • Six members, at least one Club Officer and one Director at Large constitutes a quorum.
  • Club members who are not on the Board of Directors may attend subject to:
    • Opinions may be offered related to the discussion at hand
    • Non-board members are not allowed to make motions or vote on any matter at a Board of Directors meeting.

Special meetings may also be scheduled by the President or 1/3rd of the Board of Directors, or upon a written request by ten members in good standing. During this meeting, only topics scheduled during the request for a meeting may be discussed.