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200 Yard Range

SaraSpa’s 200 yard range came online in 2007 following a multi-year construction project. We are particularly proud of the range since it was built almost entirely by the efforts of our membership. Visit the 200 yard range construction page for photos of the build process.

The range is designed for high-power rifles for both individuals and tournaments. Visit the high-power rifle page for more on activities on the 200.

Everyone must read, understand and follow the 200 yard range rules prior to use.


The 200 yard range features:

  • Enclosed range house with:
    • Skylights
    • Concrete slab floor
    • Nine fixed firing tables
    • Spectator seating
  • Fixed target racks at 100 and 200 yards
  • Overshot protection
  • Active range indicator flag
  • “Shooter Downrange” warning flags

angle_view_downrange_200 drange_100_200